Usama Syed, MD

Welcome to Stratum. Skincare advice you can trust by a board-certified dermatologist.

Truly understand your skin.

The current skincare world is full of nonsense. It preys upon people's insecurities to sell them baskets of overpriced products with dubious or no scientific efficacy. Stratum wants to help you understand your skin health in a way nothing else ever has.

Track your routine

Whether you're using your own existing products or a custom skincare regimen from Stratum, track what your routine looks like and how it changes so you can find out what actually helps your skin and what doesn't.

Find Your Triggers

We use thousands of data points including location specific variables, Apple Health inputs, and conversational feedback to identify what causes your skin conditions to flare.

AI Skin Assistant

Dermatologist trained AI skin assistants ready to answer any and every question you might have about your specific skin health routine.